Solid PCD Tools

What are Solid PCD Tools?

PCD is short for polycrystalline diamond. Polycrystalline diamond is a synthetically produced diamond material whose hardness is very close to that of a monocrystalline diamond. Its high hardness allows solid PCD tools to machine and withstands particularly abrasive materials.

Diamond particles are sintered with metal binders at extremely high temperatures and pressures. Solid PCD tools are one of the hardest and most wear-resistant materials used in cutting tools today.


Precision Tools for Sale - Benefits of Solid PCD Tools

PCD becomes an excellent choice for high-volume production facilities and small shops because the return on investment will be quick due to more efficient workflow, fewer tool changes, and reduced cycle times. Solid PCD Tools offer tighter tolerances while providing high-quality surface finishes.

Solid PCD Tools are suitable for machining glass, ceramics, sapphire, titanium, aluminum, graphite, CPF, etc.

Precision Tools Manufacturers & Machine Tool Manufacturers

Depending on the surface finish, lifetime, material being cut, and depth of cut required, different PCDs are used. Conprofe is your supplier of choice for polycrystalline diamond tools.

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