Ultrasonic Graphite Machining Center

Graphite vertical machining centers are designed for graphite machining applications, including the machining of graphite electrodes, precision electrode production, and high-precision tools and die part machining.

Graphite machining technology center is a CNC machining center with more functions and generalized machining processing capability as well as stronger. An Ultrasonic machining graphite machining center can reduce the number of workpiece clamping and improve processing accuracy. When the positioning accuracy of each part is high, it helps to ensure the positioning accuracy requirements of each processed part.

To meet a variety of machining needs, the range of Conprofe vertical machining centers provides long-lasting performance. Graphite vertical machining centers provide greater rigidity for the shop floor while maintaining higher load capacity. Each vertical machining center is equipped with fully equipped controls for maximum machining capacity.

Most graphite CNC milling machines are designed with additional seals and special covers to prevent graphite dust from escaping from the work area. Conprofe can provide CNC machined graphite parts, and graphite molds with consistent and reliable quality, specializing in precision graphite machining.

The ultrasonic graphite machining center is a special machine tool used for processing graphite. Because the graphite ultrasonic machining center can improve the processing accuracy of products, save a lot of labor costs and improve the production efficiency, it is favored by the market.