Ultrasonic Green Vertical Machining Center

Conprofe Ultrasonic green machining center--USV series include small and medium-sized specifications. After one clamping of the workpiece, the machine tool can automatically, efficiently and continuously complete the processing of various processes such as milling, drilling, boring, expanding, reaming, countersinking, and tapping.

It is suitable for the production of small and medium-sized boxes, plates, discs, valves, shells, molds and other complex parts, and the green machining technology is widely used in precision parts, 3C products, hardware, auto parts, medical equipment and other industries.

It has a highly rigid body structure and is equipped with high-end mechanical and electrical accessories, a precision control system, high-precision line rails and lead screws. The high dynamic response of the machine tool can realize high-speed cutting.


Fixed-column type with cross slide mechanism, large-span herringbone column, fully enclosed protection design, high-strength cast iron material for basic large parts, to meet the requirements of high rigidity and stable accuracy.

Tool magazine: The tool magazine with 24 tool positions is equipped with a tool arm, and the tool-to-tool changeover time is 1.5s.

Chip removal: Slope design at the bottom of the machine tool with built-in automatic flushing chip removal device; rear design of the water tank.

Spindle: Front-end labyrinth structure, with central air blowing device/function, all spindles adopt high-speed direct-connected spindle units.

Lead screw guide: All three axes adopt high rigidity roller linear guide; large diameter C3 lead screw; lead screw is pre-stretched and installed, and the motor and lead screw are directly connected and driven to improve rigidity and precision.

System: FANUC 0i-MF (5)/SIEMENS 828D/MITSUBISHI M80B system can be configured to meet the diverse needs of users' CNC functions.

Lubrication: The guide rail and the screw are all equipped with a timed quantitative lubrication system to realize automatic centralized lubrication.

Ultrasonic Machining Advantages

Efficient processing of metals, hard & brittle materials

Cutting force down by 50%

Cutting heat down by 30%

Sub-surface damage reduced by 40%

Tool life improved by 3~10 times

Efficiency significantly increased by reducing C/T and polishing

Machine Manual Specifications Ultrasonic Green Vertical Machining Center
serial number project Unit USV-650 USV-856 USV-1165 USV-500 USV-800
1.Stroke X/Y/Z axis travel mm 600×500×500 800×550×600 1100×650×600 500×450×450 800x500x560
Distance from spindle nose to work table mm 150-650 150-750 140-740 250-700 140-700
Distance from spindle center to column guide mm 520 592 710 450 560
2.Worktable size mm 700×450 1000×500 1200×600 650×400 1000x500
maximum load kg 350 500 800 300 450
T-slot (number of slots × slot width × pitch) pcs×mm×mm 3×18×125 5×18×100 5×18×100 3×14×110 4×18×124
3. Feed rate X/Y/Z axis rapid traverse speed m/min. 48/48/48 48/48/48 36/36/36 36/36/36 48/48/36
X/Y/Z axis maximum cutting feed rate m/min. 10 10 10 10 10
X/Y/Z axis motor power kW 1.8/1.8/3.0 3/3/3 3/3/3 1.5/1.5/3 2/2/3
4.Spindle Spindle diameter mm Φ120 Φ150 Φ150 Φ140 Φ140
Spindle revolutions (maximum speed) rpm 12000( Direct Connection) 12000( Direct Connection ) 12000( Direct Connection) 12000( Direct connection ) 12000( Direct connection  )
Motor power (nominal/short-time) kW 5.5/7.5 7.5/11 11/15 7.5/11 7.5/11
Motor torque (nominal/short-time) Nm 26.3/47.8 35.8/70 52.5/95.5 35.8/95.5 35.8/95.5
Taper hole specification - BT40/BBT40 BT40/BBT40 BT40/BBT40 BT40 BT40
5.Position accuracy X/Y/Z axis positioning accuracy mm 0.006 0.008 0.01 0.008 0.008/0.008/0.008
Repeated positioning accuracy of X/Y/Z axis mm 0.004 0.005 0.007 0.005 0.005/0.005/0.005
6.Tool magazine Tool magazine capacity bundle 24 24 24 24or30 24
Maximum tool diameter (full tool/empty lead tool position) mm Φ75/Φ150 Φ75/Φ150 Φ75/Φ150 Φ75/Φ150 Φ75/Φ150
Maximum tool length mm 250 250 250 300 300
Maximum tool mass kg 8 8 8 8 8
Tool changing mechanism - Knife arm Knife arm Knife arm Knife arm Knife arm
Tool change time (tool to tool) s 1.55 1.55 1.55 1.2 1.2
7.Machine power supply and appearance voltage - Three-phase AC
Three-phase AC
Three-phase AC
Three-phase AC
Three-phase AC
total power capacity kVA 20 25 30 25 25
Air pressure MPa 0.5-0.8 0.5-0.8 0.5-0.8 0.5-0.8 0.5-0.8
Air consumption L/min ≥280(ANR) ≥280(ANR) ≥280(ANR) ≥280(ANR) ≥280(ANR)
Total weight of machine tool (including accessories) kg 4500 5500 7200 4000 5000
Machine Dimensions (L x W x H) mm 2100×2660×2750 2310×3160×3000 2760×3000×3100 1850×2200×2300 2400x2700x2900
8.CNC system / / Standard: FANUC 0i-MF (5)
Optional: Siemens 828D-280/MitsubishiM80B
MitsubishiM80B MitsubishiM80B

Industry application

Mold making


A mold curve surface machining

Workpiece material

Die steel

Machine tool


Cutting tool

Coated tungsten cutting tool

Tool specifications


Machining result

Smooth surface without hairline