Ultrasonic Welding System UW20-1A-CF/UW20-1A-JX

Ultrasonic Welding System for Surgical Masks

Simple installation

Environmental-friendly without the need for solvents or adhesives

Ultrasonic power output adjustable from 0% to 100%

Easy operation with automatic frequency search and tracking

A variety of specifications for different classes of masks

Long warranty and quick delivery

Efficient and stable

Output power (W)  1500

Frequency (kHz) 20

Input voltage (V) 230±10%

Output frequency (kHz) 18~22

Ouput mode: UW20-1A-CF Continuous
UW20-1A-JX Intermittent

Horn size (mm) 110 x 20
210 x 20

More horn sizes, please contact us

Ultrasonic Welding System