About Us

Taking the development of “Green Industry” as its mission, Conprofe Technology Group Co., Ltd. is committed to promoting energy saving and high efficiency machining through technological innovations, and gradually blazes a trail of green development with Conprofe’s characteristics. In particular, based on years of rich experience in ultrasonic technology and green technology, the company broke through many bottlenecks in difficult-to-cut material machining with its IPR ultrasonic green machine tool systems with ultrasonic green technology as a core. The ultrasonic green machine tool systems, featuring Ultrasonic-Green 5-Axis Simultaneous Machining Centers, Ultrasonic-Green Drilling & Tapping Centers, Ultrasonic High Speed Precision Machining Centers, Ultrasonic-Green Vertical Machining Centers, are widely used in consumer electronics, aerospace, high-end medical, defense equipment, automotive and new energy industries.


Founded in 2003, Conprofe is headquartered in Guangzhou Science City and has three production bases. It is a provider of green, intelligent & efficient manufacturing solutions and the key components. With the vision of "converging of global resources, professional as industry leader", it is committed to providing high-quality and efficient one-stop customized solutions for manufacturers in different industries.

As a nationally recognized high-tech enterprise, Conprofe invests more than 5% in R&D every year, and its technical team accounts for more than 25% (the total number of employees is more than 1,800). So far, it has more than 800 core technology patents worldwide, with customers in more than 60 countries and areas.

Conprofe's product and service offerings include high-efficiency precision tools (threading tap, cutting tools, and precision tool holders), key components of high-end equipment (ultrasonic machining and welding, rotary tables and other precision parts, clean cooling and lubrication), ultrasonic green machining centers (three-axis high precision and five-axis simultaneous ultrasonic machining centers) and robotic automation (industrial robots, smart factories), which are widely used in 3C, automotive, medical, aerospace, home appliances and other industries.