cnc milling machine tools list


cnc milling machine tools list is a machining unit for shaping various solid materials. In an ultrasonic machine tool, ultrasonic vibrations are transmitted to a tool and then to the material through abrasive particles in a slurry. The cnc milling machine tools list present in the machine for cutting the materials is made from a soft material as compared to the workpiece.


1. Solid PCD Tools - Precision balanced tool body, high corrosion protection. Shank, arbor hole, cone and installation surface must be high precision machined and honed, and stringent adherence to processing standard.

2. Threading tools include thread cutters, taps, threading dies, threading heads, thread-milling cutters, and thread-cutting abrasive disks. They feature Ideally suited for thread tapping of blind holes and Wide Range of Applications.

3. With the use of high frequency ultrasonic vibration that passes from tool holders to tools, it can finely remove hard and brittle materials such as ceramics, prevent micro cracks caused by strong impacts between tools and materials.