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Industry application

3C Consumer Electronics, Aerospace, Communications Industry

Machining results

Overall contour surface machining, smooth surface without tool marks

No cracks on the surface, smooth surface

Ф0.15mm drill bit continuously processes 238 holes with a depth of 2mm without burrs

Burr is significantly reduced, without lamination and scorching phenomenon

Overall contour machining, no chipping or cracks on the surface, uniform thickness, small subsurface damage

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Material application

Ultra-thin Glass Surface Machining, Glass Hole Drilling, CFRP Stopped Groove & Cavity Milling, Graphite Mold Flat Surface Milling, CFRP Hole Drilling

Machining results

No tool marks or cracks

Roughness down by 25%

Machined surface thickness a mere 0.068mm

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